Environmental Policy

Policy Aims

  1. To set objectives and targets and review all elements on an ongoing and annual basis, with reference to our environmental management system
  2. To reduce, reuse, or recycle, in line with the waste hierarchy
  3. To comply with legislation and other regulatory and legal requirements
  4. To comply with the requirements of ISO 14001


Members of the IAM’s Senior Leadership Team are ultimately responsible for the promotion of this policy, but they may delegate this task to the Environmental Management Team and other members of staff, although they remain responsible.

Policy Statement

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), recognises its duty of care in terms of environmental issues that are associated with its own activities and its relationships with customers and suppliers. The Institute will actively pursue the implementation of its environmental policy, set objectives and targets and review all elements on an ongoing and annual basis, with reference to our environmental management system and that this shall be documented.

The Institute will endeavour to comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and are committed to continual improvement and the prevention of pollution. We are also committed to making staff more environmentally aware and competent and will provide training to this end, as appropriate.

Waste Solutions

The Institute applies the principles of the waste hierarchy: Reduce, reuse, or recycle.

  1. Reduce paper consumption by printing double-sided where possible, and reuse paper printed only on one side (unless it risks confidentiality).
  2. Reuse and recycle incoming packaging where possible
  3. Safely store and dispose of all waste including light bulbs and batteries
  4. Use glasses, mugs and plates as opposed to disposable alternatives
  5. Use IT and other solutions for meetings and presentations (projector, whiteboard, etc)
  6. Promote electronic mail and use tele conferencing where practicable

Energy Solutions

Reduce energy consumption by practicing simple energy efficiency measures such as utilising energy management software on IT equipment, turning off lights and equipment when not in use and setting heating and cooling system thermostats to a moderate rather than extreme temperature.

Transport Solutions

The Institute will:

  1. Encourage employees to walk, use public transport or cycle when travelling to and from work and to client businesses wherever viable.
  2. Consider the need for reducing the movement of employees.
  3. If a company vehicle is needed, promote the choice of an Eco friendly model
  4. Promote best environment practice in the management of both vehicles and drivers
  5. Encourage staff to work from home where practicable

Customers and Suppliers

The Institute will, with due consideration to the needs of customers and suppliers, ensure that environmental considerations are integrated into the services that we provide and we will promote understanding and participation in environmental issues, particularly through training and guidance.

By this policy, the Institute issues a statement of commitment for both management and employees, to minimise the environmental impact of its operations.

Sarah Sillars
IAM Chief Executive

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