Our Aims

The aims and objectives of the Institute of Advanced Motorists are very simple:

  1. To improve the standards of driving (and riding) on the roads
  2. The improvement of road safety or Greater road safety or The promotion of road safety
  3. The administration of a nationally recognised advanced test

We try to match these aims and objectives by working in the following ways:

  • We are a totally independent organisation (as a registered charity) - The IAM is not owned or financially dependent on any commercial organisations that might have a vested interest in a narrow aspect of road safety. Financial support is provided by our 100,000+ strong UK (and beyond) membership.

    These members, having passed our advanced driving or riding test, contribute a small annual membership fee. This allows us to be fully independent in both our thinking and our work. The support we have from our members, who take an active interest in their own driving and riding standards, provides us with invaluable insight and a vast resource of practical knowledge related to road safety.

  • We can offer a more diverse approach to road safety because we are not a single issue body - Our staff have a comprehensive background in road safety, strengthened by the in-depth knowledge of our Trustees which covers the emergency services and other additional areas vital to road safety.

    The IAM is widely respected throughout the road safety industry due to our expertise and experience. As such, we are regularly asked to consult and advise all the major players, including the Government, on all aspects of road safety.

  • The IAM's Advanced Driving Test is recognised and quality assured by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) - The IAM's Advanced Driving Test was first developed in 1956 (and the Advanced Riding Test in 1976). Since then the test has been developed and refined to reflect the ever-changing face of the UKs roads.

    With over 200 local IAM affiliated groups throughout the UK (all charitable organisations in their own right) the support for people wanting to prepare for and pass the IAM's advanced test is unparalleled throughout the UK. The support of these groups means that the advanced test is available and achievable for ANYONE who has an interest in improving their driving or riding skills.

    The DVSA quality assure the IAM's Advanced Driving and Riding test through the assessment of our Regional Quality Managers

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