How to be a better cyclist

Cyclists love being out on their bike, enjoying the freedom, exercise and fresh air. However, its common for cyclists to have a fear of traffic or a concern about some road layouts.

Whats needed to help cyclists overcome these issues is a guide that contains all of the information they will ever need to tackle roads in all conditions. A guide that is packed full of expert advice and is suitable for cyclists of all abilities and ages.

The IAM book How to be a better cyclist is the third and latest user-guide from the IAM (see also the driving and motorcycling versions) and has been co-written by leading cycling authority, John Franklin.

Its 100 pages are crammed full of essential advice, hints and tips and everything is laid out in a clear, accessible way. There are plenty of photos and checklists that help to clarify exactly what cyclists should do in any situation. As said in its review of the book, its a great way to spend £10!.

Here are some of the highlights of How to be a better cyclist:

  • Cycling Basics
  • Bikes, Clothing and Equipment
  • Riding Techniques
  • Hazards
  • Observation
  • Positioning
  • Negotiation
  • Cycling in Towns, Countryside and Tricky Conditions
  • Cycling with the Family

Whether a frequent and relatively experienced cyclist, a novice or a young rider new to the road, this book will prove invaluable in making you safer and better. And all for under £10!

To purchase a copy of How to be a better cyclist, click here.


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