Condense weeks of
training in to two
half days for just £399.

Fast Track

  • Passing your driving test is just the start, but it doesn’t mean you’re the finished article. Whether you’re a driving enthusiast, someone who enjoys a challenge, or just aware that you have room to improve, if you want to fulfil your potential as a driver you’ve come to the right place.

  • Our Skill for Life course delivers advanced driving stemming from the police’s Roadcraft driving manual, helping you to improve your skills, anticipation and enjoyment behind the wheel. To date over 400,000 people have taken our Advanced Driving Test, the highest accredited civilian standard.

    If you’re really keen on becoming an advanced driver, we offer a faster route to taking the test. Our Fast Track programme condenses weeks of training into two half days intensive one-to-one road-training sessions with a professional instructor.

  • Your training and the test cost £399 which includes IAM membership.

  • Please click here to read the full Fast Track terms and conditions before purchasing.


  • The statistics speak for themselves. We asked 2,500 drivers who passed the Advanced Driving Test what benefit they’d seen. They told us that taking the Skill for Life course:

    • improved their driving (99%)
    • gave them greater awareness of other road users (90%)
    • helped them avoid a crash (66%)

  • Best of all, the £399 covers all your costs. From your training sessions, to the ‘How to be a better driver’ handbook, the Advanced Test fee and one year’s free membership, it’s all paid up front.

  • Unfortunately being an advanced motorist doesn't mean your car won't break down. Thankfully the RAC offer 20% off their best web prices plus a £20 M&S voucher to IAM members.

    RAC terms and conditions


  • The course is without question value for money, and all I can add to this is that it is the best purchase I have made for many years.Jan Cresswell

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