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Dominic Booth 18 years old recently passed his IAM test with the Chesterfield Group to become one of the youngest IAM F1RST Club members:

"My Mum told me about IAM and thought it a good idea as my insurance was high and my driving could be improved. It is definitely value for money and I enjoyed my observed runs, driving on different roads each week".

"I would recommend the IAM to anyone but especially to young people and those of you who have just passed your test. If anyone else is considering doing the 'Skill for Life' course, I'd say just get on with it it could easily save your life"

Carli Smith Portriat

Carly Smith - had this to say about her experience of Skill for Life:

"I took part in the 'Skill for Life' programme just after I had passed my driving test aged 17. At first I wondered how it would help me, I had just passed my test - surely I was the best driver I could be? I soon learnt this wasn't the case! Skill for Life taught me so much more than I could have imagined. By spending more time in my car and driving on different types of roads; it put everything into perspective. I would definitely say the skills I learnt were priceless and I emerged from the program a much better driver. I also ride a R6 motorbike, so in the future will be looking at taking my Skill for Life programme for that. You never stop learning...."

Esther Rantzen, CBE had this to say about her experience of Skill for Life:

"I'm amazed the pleasure driving gives me, thanks to you! Xxx E"


Sam Haywood - Matlock Group, 18 years old had this to say:

"I passed my driving test a year ago but I wanted to make sure I wasn't becoming over confident. Some young drivers tend to mess about behind the wheel, but it's not very clever. I took the Advanced Test to keep in touch with what it means to drive safely and properly."

Anthony Mashman had this to say about his experience of Skill for Life

"I am pleased I took the test and passed and am happy to be a member."

Jan Creswell had this to say about Skill for Life:

"I joined the Skills for Life course, with The Chesterfield Group, going out with Alan Morgan my assigned observer each week.  He showed me how to drive safely and with confidence,  drive an automatic car to its full potential, as well as providing all the necessary information to get out of difficult situations should they arise.  A visit to the police skid-pan in Wakefield was invaluable as I had skidded once before and had not much idea of how to compensate for a skid, or better still how not to get into one in the first place.

After doing the Skills Course my overall driving has improved beyond measure. I am no longer the person who hesitates, at a junction, does not like driving on the motorway or reversing into a parking spot.  Thanks to Alan and the local IAM Group I am now a capable and more confident driver, a person who is able to negotiate anything that driving puts in front of them, as well as being a committed member of both IAM and Chesterfield group. The course is without question value for money, and all I can add to this is that it is the best purchase I have made for many years. Remember its not just a purchase for you its for your family as well; because when you get into a car with an advanced driver behind the wheel, you know you are the safest that you can be whilst on the road and nothing is ever more valuable, than your life.


Thank you IAM."


Nathalie Pearce, - Matlock Group, 18 years old had this to say

"A couple of my friends have already decided to do the same course, they were impressed with what I told them about the opportunity not only to make them better and safer drivers but also to potentially reduce the cost of insurance. I'd recommend young motorists to sign up now."

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