Driving assessment

  • “Can I just be ‘better’ for now and we can look at ‘advanced’ later?”
  • So you’ve passed your test, but is there room for improvement? Or do you suspect some bad habits have snuck in and you need a refresher?

    With over 50 years experience the IAM understands that sometimes it’s not just about being an advanced driver. Sometimes people just want to be better drivers. Our assessment programmes are the ideal way to get some insightful feedback on where you can improve your driving technique.

    There’s no test and no published results, just a one-to-one drive with either an IAM volunteer or a qualified examiner. The format is very interactive, starting with a discussion or online assessment about your current driving habits, followed by an on-road evaluation and finally a summary session where you’ll receive written feedback on areas to improve.

  • Please read our terms and conditions before purchase. 

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