IAM Confident Driving

iam-confident-hand-01Driving shouldn't be a cause for concern.

There are people on the road who are lucky enough to enjoy every minute they're behind the wheel, but unfortunately there are also people who find driving to be a source of tension or, even worse, actual panic.

The causes are varied and can often stem from a specific issue such as:

driving on motorways or parallel parking on a busy street emotional factors such as the introduction of a new born child snuggled up in a baby seat a negative experience such as a road incident, regardless of whether or not you were driving or if you were witness to another driver's accident the pressure you feel that you're under from other drivers and many other possibilities.

There's not a single answer to overcoming any driving issues that you face. The solution can vary depending on the cause, so we've created an adaptive programme of modules that targets the specific areas of driving development; skills, experience and emotions.

A choice of module courses

Our parking/manoeuvring module and motorway module are on-road practical sessions in your own vehicle.

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