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IAM Confident Driving is delivered by the IAM's Drive Observers. They are all members of the IAM and work with the charity to improve road safety in their region. They are dedicated to improving the standards of drivers on the UK's roads to create a safer environment for all road users. That charitable focus is being used to provide the support and guidance that will help you to become a more confident driver.


IAM Confident Driving is based on developing the three core aspects of driving;

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Being a confident road user requires you to have belief in your ability to handle the car regardless of the situations that may arise. Whether that's in town centres, variable weather conditions or on busy roads, such as motorways or dual carriageways, you need to feel in control.


informed support and guidance can make all the difference in a situation where you aren't comfortable. This isn't a pressurised driving assessment and if you need to take a breather, adapt the programme or you just don't feel ready, then it's within your control.


Sometimes it helps to talk through your concerns with someone who can provide a more technical perspective. Our Drive Observers are all members of the IAM Charity and recognised advanced drivers who can provide informed feedback and reassurance.

Each of these aspects is addressed through specific modules that you can choose to take, or you can speak to one of our Drive Observers to create a programme that incorporates all of these principles to suit your situation.

Our modules are either on-road (parking and motorway) or seminar based for groups of people (all other subjects).

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