IAM Groups - What are they?

Support for IAM associate members preparing for the Advanced Test is provided by a national network of over 200 local IAM groups.

These groups, all run by volunteers, represent a unique resource with unparalleled experience and expertise to share with road users.

In addition, they provide a forum where members can share ideas and contribute to the IAM’s important work in developing and promoting innovative road safety strategies. Our local groups also provide a social focus meeting and enjoying the company of fellow driving and biking enthusiasts.

Most of the groups listed in the group directory cater for cars or motorcycles, some also cater for LGV's, PCV's, minibuses, and the towing test.

I AM where you are - How to find your local IAM group

We have over 200 local groups each ready to help you develop your driving and riding skills. Use the link 'IAM groups directory' on the grey left hand menu on this page to find the most convenient local IAM group for you. Simply enter the first half of your postcode (e'g' WA1).

Group officials only

If you are logged in as an IAM group official then you should see some extra links on the grey left hand menu on this page. These will give you access to exclusive 'groups only' functionality.

Please note that you MUST be logged into the website to see these extra links. If you are not logged in then you will not see the links.

If you do not see these additional links and you are a group official then please contact IAM Group Customer Care on 0300 303 1134


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