IMI National Observer qualification documents

A simple introduction to the IMI National Observer level quality assured award for IAM groups and applicants

Please read this information first, it will cover all you need to know and provide links to all relevant documentation required.  

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- The IMI Quality Assured Award is a recognised external qualification delivered by the IAM.


- Assessors and Verifiers for the National Observer level award will be Regional Quality Managers.


- All Senior Observers who are due a re-test will undergo the IMI Assessment.


- All candidates should familiarise themselves with these three documents (click on the names to view them): 


1. The car competency document and motorcycle competency document gives guidance on the performance standard required, what the candidate will need to do and what the assessor will be looking for.

2. The car marking guide (compentency criteria checklist) PDF and motorcycle marking guide (competency criteria checklist) PDF will enable the candidate to see the many similarities between the Senior Observer test and the National Observer level assessment and to see exactly what will be assessed on the day.

3. The universal registration form is used to apply for the assessment (Word documenmt).


- The candidate must fulfil the eligibility criteria (page 5 of competency document).


- When the candidate is ready for assessment, please complete the registration form and send to Date of birth and all details relating to equal opportunities are requirements of IMI.


- The candidate will receive their registration number and identity of the Assessor. In most cases this will be the Regional Quality Manager.


- The Assessor will contact the candidate to arrange a mutually agreeable date, time and location for the assessment.


- If the candidate does not have a suitable Associate for the assessment, a group member, who is not a Senior Observer, Observer or National Observer, can be used.  Alternatively, the assessor may take the role of the Associate.


- On completion of the assessment the Assessor will advise the candidate if they have been successful or if they will be referred for any unit.


- The candidate will receive a verbal debrief from the assessor giving developmental feedback.  This will be followed, in all cases, by a copy of the assessment completed by the Assessor.


- If successful, a certificate will be issued by IMI.


- If referred, the candidate has three months to retake the referred unit(s).  There is no requirement to retake the complete assessment only those parts referred. An email will be sent to the candidate with a retest application form attached. The cost for a retest is £30.


- Should a candidate be referred for a second time, a discussion will take place with the Assessor, candidate and a group representative. The purpose of this will be to establish an action plan and potential of candidate.


- The IAM will require successful candidates to be re-assessed for Quality Assurance purposes. This will be every five years.


- If you have any questions or would like to discuss the programme further then contact your Regional Quality Manager or email .   


Quick links to the documents you need

Click here - car competencies document

Click here - car competencies checklist

Click here - motorcycle competencies document

Click here - motorcycle competencies checklist

Click here - IMI application form**

Click here - procedural guidance from the IMI

 Interactive Word .doc versions of the competency critera checklists are available here for car and motorcycle


If you have any questions please get in touch with your Regional Quality Manager.

For motorcycle observers we also recommend reading the 'Full Control' document
available by clicking here


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