IMI Local Observer Qualification Documents

The IAM IMI Local Observer scheme is open to all groups who have candidates who wish to take the programme, The programme will make the assessments easier to manage from within each group but retain the necessary checks to ensure we are all operating to the same IMI competency level.

Please familiarise yourself with the group user guide and programme documents below. Your Regional Manager and Quality Manager will be able to answer any process or implementation questions you may have.

Please use the email address for all form submissions and correspondence on IMI matters.


Quick links to the documents you need

Click here - LO Group user guide and introduction

Click here - Procedural Guidance documents


Click here - Car competency document

Clcik here - motorcycle competency document


Click here - LO FAQ

Click here - LO process flow chart

Click here - LO candidate application form

Click here - LO progress summary sheet completion guide (new)



Click here - LO progress summary sheet CARS (PDF)* **

Click here - LO progress summary sheet CARS (Word doc)*


Click here - LO progress summary sheet BIKES (PDF)* **

Click here - LO progress summary sheet BIKES (Word doc)*


Click here - LO competency critera checksheet CAR (Word doc)*


Click here - LO competency criteria checksheet BIKE (Word doc)

NEW - Word document versions added to overcome some issues with using editable PDF files. 

* The progress summary sheets can be completed online by typing directly into the sheets and then saving using the name of the candidate.

** Requires Adobe Reader 11 or later


Taking it a step further - becoming a Local Observer Assessor

The links below provide details on the role and how to apply to become a Local Group Assessor 

Click here for the LO Assessor role description

Click here for the application form to become a LO assessor

(this is to become an assessor not a candidate)


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