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Skill for Life

  • A passion for riding is a wonderful thing. Whether you’ve always had it, you’ve rediscovered it or you’re new to it, that passion is something to be embraced.

    Advanced Riding is about taking that next step. Whether it’s about challenging your own standards or reassuring a loved one who struggles to share your enthusiasm, our Skill for Life programme can make you a better rider.

    149bikebuttonThe programme teaches five phases of advanced riding; information, position, speed, gear and acceleration, so regardless of whether you’re navigating country lanes, busy roads, or tackling the challenging British weather, you have the skills and knowledge to remain confident and in control. Safety is part of the advanced riding programme, but it also encourages you to feel confident on the road, to make good progress, and to get even greater enjoyment from the experience.

  • Take a look at our Ten Top Tips to advanced test success and our terms and conditions to help you decide if this is the course for you.


  • The statistics speak for themselves. Participants of a recent study say:

    Find riding more enjoyable 97% Avoided a specific accident or incident 61% Reported improved use of road space 94% Experienced the benefits of advanced riding 99%
    To read the full report click here

  • Best of all, £149 covers your costs. You'll get our ‘How to be a better rider handbook, the Advanced Test fee and one year’s IAM membership and local group membership all included*. Your volunteer observer will then support and guide you as you develop your advanced skills

    * A contribution to the petrol costs of your observer may be required by some local groups. Read more...

  • Unfortunately being an advanced rider doesn't mean your bike won't break down. Thankfully the RAC offer 20% off their best web prices plus a £20 M&S voucher when you join them*.

    * Terms and conditions apply. RAC terms and conditions


  • The whole experience for me has been nothing but a long list of positives and is probably the best single item I have spent money on riding a motorcycle.Fraser Quin

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